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Unique Collectables, Souvenirs, Gifts
Hollow Log Collection




Beautifully crafted range of hand-painted figurines. Great gifts. Great collectables. Cats, frogs, dolls, birds, mice, flowers


Totally exclusive -- most of these items are available only from this website. So if you're looking for something unique and different, this is the place!


Hollow Log polyresin figurines can be used indoors or out to dress up your patio pot planters or snuggle in among garden plants -- or you can give them pride of place on a shelf or mantlepiece.


The perfect gift if you're looking for something completely different and exclusive.

- We ship worldwide -


You can shop here with secure payment or please call us
for other options or any other information:

From NZ: Ph 09 358 2749
Australia: FreePhone 1800 120 296

International: Ph ++64 9 358 2749  





There are plenty more figurines on the drawing board
 -- so do come back and visit us again!

Unique Collectables, on-line shop for hundreds of 
beautifully crafted unique gift lines, ornaments, replicas, of frogs, 
mice, birds, cats, strawberry girls, lizards, snakes, novelties, 
pukeko, reptiles, tree frogs, Garden and indoor ornaments
Pod Babies

This is the home of the
Pod Babies, the book,
the collectable figurines,
the display diarama,
created by author and artist,
Jane Ellwell.



Jane's first book "The Adventures of Pod Babies -- a Rainforest Tale" is 32 pages beautifully illustrated in full colour. It takes you into the exciting world of the Australian Rainforest, home of the Pod Babies. Click on any of these Pod Baby pictures for more detail . . .



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Frog & Garden Ornament Shop, Gifts, Collectables, Souvenirs
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