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Gnome Grows Veges
Yep, these Gnomes a champion vege growers. This one needs a wheelbarrow to bring in the produce. Perhaps he’ll bring luck to your garden . . .? Size approx: 14cm tall.
Gnome Goes Travelling
They like to see the world, these Gnomes. This one scans the far horizons, perhaps for a place to camp? With a bedroll on his back it’s clear he’s travelling on the cheap. Size approx: 14cm tall.
Gnome and Pets
Don’t blame this Gnome for keeping a wary eye on his pet cat – a cat that big clearly needs to be treated with respect! Size approx: 14cm tall.
Gnome Warrior Warlord
Be VERY afraid. In days gone by these fearsome warrior Gnomes would take on all comers. Looks like this one traces his ancestry back to the Vikings . . . Size approx: 14cm tall.
Gnome Goes to the Mountains
It’s off tramping for this outdoor Gnome. He’s complete with back pack and walking pole and off for a day’s tramp in the hills. Size approx: 14cm tall.
Gnome Taking It Easy
The work boots are to one side, replaced by comfy slippers. Gnomes are just like us -- after a hard day’s work there’s nothing better than to take the weight off your feet and enjoy a nice cup of tea . . . Size approx: 14cm tall.
Gnome Grows Flowers
They’re good at gardening, these Gnomes. This one looks pretty chuffed about the beautiful blooms he’s grown. Perhaps he’ll be giving one to his girlfriend. (Do Gnomes have girlfriends?) Size approx: 14cm tall.
Gnome Goes Bush
This guy looks pleased with himself, having cut down a tree in the forest. No chainsaw for him – he just uses his trusty axe! Size approx: 14cm tall.
Gnome Father Christmas
The things we have to do! This bloke looks a bit reluctant about having to dress up as Father Xmas and hand out the presents. But, at least he really looks the part. Wouldn’t he look good under your Xmas tree this year . . .? Size approx: 14cm tall.
Gnome Goes Skiing
Who would have thought that Gnomes could ski! Yep, they can. Look at this guy, all rugged up and about to launch himself down the slopes. Size approx: 14cm tall.
Christmas Gnomes Green -- Set of 2
Set of two Green Gnomes. 250mm & 200mm in size.
1017-1018 Set
Christmas Gnomes Grey -- Set of 2
Set of two grey Gnomes. 250mm & 200mm in size.
1015-1016 Set
A selection of Gnomes, designed by Glen Singleton and created by Lindsay Muir.
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